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New Year’s Eve in Venice

On the 31st of December, the new Venetian way of celebrating New Year returns to Piazza San Marco in Venice and Piazza Ferretto in Mestre, ready to set the two hearts of the city beating on one of the most important nights of the year. Once again, the New Year celebrations will culminate in a vast, communal kiss to send a message of love, peace and brotherhood to the world. This is the simple but profound gesture, that will welcome in the New Year at an event that is destined to become the focus of media attention and a worldwide symbol of goodwill as well as a very special memory for both the city and all those who will be there to enjoy this new, unforgettable night in Venice.

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy this unforgettable moment by booking with any of our boats.

Carnival Special

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This year, don’t miss the Flight of the Dove ! (Volo della Colombina) !

Easter in Venice


Venice has always the most romantic city in the world. Throughout the whole year and all its seasons, when you visit Venice, you will experience unique moments in an atmosphere few other cities can imitate.

One of the best periods is Easter. (Pasqua).

Those who know Venice also are aware of how difficult it may be to get around on foot through its narrow winding streets on days crawling with tourists. This is why our transportation services become essential and are an alternative for tourists: arrive at Tronchetto by bus, and in just a few minutes you can admire the very romantic Saint Mark’s square. (Piazza San Marco)

Rendentore Festival


The night of fireworks is a tradition, introduced in 1978, to give a modern signature to an old tradition.

It has always been one of the events Venetians and tourists look forward to most, both for the quantity and quality of the fireworks (45 uninterrupted minutes).

On the 17th of July in a unique scene offered by Venice, Saint Mark’s basin and the entire lagoon swarm with boats full of Venetians and tourists that celebrate until dawn admiring the fireworks show.

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy this unforgettable moment by booking with any of our boats.